What my clients say

Ramona has a magical ability to be present and listen to her intuition when she coaches! You start from point A but you never know where it might lead. I felt like I trusted her and I did not need to worry that she guides me into somewhere where I don’t want to go. She stayed always open to my true voice and never judged, which I felt was essential for me to find out what really is my true voice and learn to listen to it. I loved working with her and could not wait for the next sessions!
Ramona was the perfect person in a moment of many big changes in my life – new country and a baby. I loved how she helped me to balance the “being” and “thinking” while changing some mindsets and helping me to create a new vision for my life. She is very intuitive without losing the perspective. She has so much love and passion and those ingredients were present all the time in our journey together. Lots of gratitude my sweet Ramona!
I’ve always dreamed of working with a Life Coach, having someone to guide me through life’s challenges – but I was scared they wouldn’t “get me” or really be able to help me. But I can honestly say, working with Ramona was truly life changing! During our work together, Ramona led me to uncover parts of myself I didn’t know existed – beautiful, wise parts of me. Ramona helped me guide myself, uncover my own wisdom and make choices from my heart. She helped me identify my core values and what was wildly important to me – making happiness, fulfillment and joy inevitable. I would recommend Ramona to anyone who wants to light their life on fire, reconnect with their true self and gain the confidence to follow their heart.
I love talking to Ramona, her questioning and willingness to explore the deeper areas of my being is a really profound experience. I feel so connected, and understood and comfortable chatting with her.
I thought the session was really inspiring and made me think about how my life is and what I want it to become. Ramona really helped me by getting to see things more clearly by asking the right questions and steering me in the right direction when I was being too negative. I really liked the experience!
My session with Ramona helped me realize how grateful I am to be so positive about my life right now even though I have had many things happen to me. Ramona asked so many great questions that helped me uncover any needs during the conversation!
Working with Ramona has been an incredible ride. I have gone through a tremendous amount of growth in the last 3 months because she kept me committed and focused on my vision. She creates a coaching program that worked specific to my needs and wants. I felt comfortable and challenged as she pushed me to break out of my limiting beliefs. At times it was tough, but that is what coaching is all about. Change is uncomfortable, and Ramona was always going above and beyond to support me through email and Skype between sessions. If you want to be challenged and supported toward the life you truly want to live.. Ramona is the coach to work with!
I recently had the chance to work with Ramona and go through some of my current challenges in my life and business. She’s wonderful to talk with – patient, compassionate, and also able/willing to call me out on my excuses! Thanks so much, Ramona!
Working with Ramona has helped me hugely on my journey to creating my own business. What I loved about our sessions was that Ramona always went deeper to explore what was going on for me in the background – things that were preventing me from reaching my full potential. She helped me to identify habitual ways of thinking and to develop strategies so that I was able to stop letting my personal fears hold me back from accomplishing my goals. I felt that Ramona really cared for me as an individual and I really connected with her through our coaching. Having a supportive coach is so invaluable. I would highly recommend working with Ramona – thank you!
Ramona’s insight and motivation was just what I needed to take the next step in building my business. I knew what I needed to do and we were able to break the steps down into simple actions that made everything seem much easier to tackle. After our session I felt inspired and ready to move forward!
Even my first call with Ramona was eye-opening! She helped me find clarity on what I needed to do differently in my business in order to reduce my worry and stress levels, which was resulting in a lot of tension with my personal relationships. Guided by her encouragement, I immediately set about making that change and am so excited for the possibilities it has created! I was so impressed with how well we connected and the ways in which she got me thinking about the deeper meanings behind what I was feeling. I had never worked with a Life Coach before but now I understand how truly invaluable it is!
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